AristanderAI: SaaS Price Optimization

via Bayesian machine learning

Use the power of machine learning to optimize your SaaS prices in 1 month (and earn higher profit)

As seen in YC's Startup School, one of the hardest problems for startups is to decide how to price their plans: this tool helps with that.

  1. Upload a Google Analytics-exported csv of the landing page for your subscriptions or site ( Instructions for exporting here)
  2. Upload a Stripe-exported csv of your Subscriptions transactions (Instructions for exporting here)
  3. Get a new price for your 1 month subscriptions. If you have any discounts for longer subscriptions, you can adjust them based on the 1 month price.
  4. Upload your Stripe and Google Analytics data once a day to optimize your prices over the next 30 days to arrive at the optimized price

Our tool optimizes your profit / session (based on number site-wide unique views) - the same way a human would do it.

We don't save any of your data - identifying information is removed on upload, and everything is processed in memory.

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